Insulation flanges / blocks

A common way to create an isolated between 2 connections is an insulation flange.
The advantage of this form of isolation is that no constriction is created in the connection. The flange is a simple solution for your insulation problem and the assembly is "fool proof".

Tests have shown that this form of insulation has a high electrical insulation value.
And during a "flow test" with a throughput of 4.7 meters / second with the use of kerosene, no indication of static electricity could be measured. The flange is made of high-quality plastic, which is machined with a CNC machine to meet the exact flange dimensions.

This way there is no bottleneck during use and that makes installation very easy. The unwanted electrical charge, which can a cure during product transportation, can be fully controlled.

Our insulation flanges are manufactured from nylon (Cast Nylon 6 PA6G) or from Teflon PTFE (BS6564UA / 2) PP, PE PU, PVC, PTFE, GSM etc.
We supply all flange sizes according to ASA, DIN or JIS specification.
Deviated sizes are also possible, we can also supply threaded isolators for both BSP and NPT.
We can also supply certificates, just like for our other products.
If the aplication you need is not standart, we can of course make this for you.