Besides the illustrated products we have more sizes and materials available such as: bronze, brass, steel, stainless steel, duplex and more.

Of course, we can supply certificates with our other products. All the raw materials such as: SS316L, 304, 321 and normal steel are purchased with certificates to guarantee quality and standards.

All flanges and fittings are purchased or produced according to the standards that apply in the industry.
The production of the final product is carried out by qualified personnel and controlled by employees with at least 15 years of experience and knowledge.
Please contact us in case in doubt or to carry out tests on the end product, such as: MPE, NDO or hydrostatic technical gas pressure tests.

If the product for the Application you are looking for is not there, we can of course produce it.
According to all standards and guidelines like: DIN 11851 / DIN 11853 / DIN 11864 / DIN 32676 / ISO 2852 / ISO 2853 IDF ISS / BS 4825-5 RJT / SMS 1145 - 1149 / DS / ASME BPE